Prepare for a flight

Why do sufferers feel more pain in the legs during a long flight?

Long flights may exacerbate blood circulation problems because of prolonged immobilization in a seated position. Other reasons can also be a cause, such as changes in cabin pressure and dehydration due to air conditioning or changes in temperature.

What should you do before taking a flight?

  • If you suffer from heavy and painful legs under normal circumstances, do not hesitate to consult your doctor before traveling so that he/she may prescribe treatment if required.
  • Choose your travel wear with care:
    • Opt for ample, comfortable travel clothes
    • Avoid girdles, belts, boots, and trousers that are too tight, etc

How can you relieve heaviness in the legs during the flight?

Rule number one is to keep as mobile as possible to encourage blood circulation.

  • move your feet as often as possible
  • flex and extend your ankles
  • stand up and walk in the aisles regularly
  • do not sit with your legs crossed
  • avoid taking sleeping tablets because you will fall into a deep sleep for several hours

Also remember to drink plenty of water (one liter every four hours) as cabin pressure causes high dehydration levels. Do not hesitate to massage your legs (from ankle to thigh) to help circulation.

These recommendations are also useful for long trips by car or train.