Engage in physical activity

Why does physical activity promote blood circulation?

Physical exercise is highly beneficial for health in general, and for blood circulation in particular.

  • muscle contractions during physical activity act like a pump, sending blood towards the heart,
  • the heart itself has a suction-propulsion action during exercise,
  • your higher breathing rate during exercise helps to increase this pumping action by variations in pressure.

Which sports should you choose?

  • walking/hiking
  • dance
  • cycling
  • climbing
  • gymnastics

Which sports should you avoid, and why?

Certain sports require significant effort while holding breath, slowing down blood flow back to the heart:

  • weightlifting, bodybuilding, some combat sports

Sports practiced on hard surfaces can cause vascular strain injuries which can make varicose veins worse:

  • marathon running, tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc

Heat can also be a major contributing factor, either from the ambient environment or the wearing of thick, tight clothing:

  • fencing, horse riding, ice hockey, etc

Violent sports can cause internal venous injuries by direct trauma:

  • football, judo, rugby, hockey, etc